Building a stripped down chopper or custom motorcycle but find the task of wiring to be intimidating? I take the guess work and frustration out of cutting, splicing, and otherwise ruining your stock wiring harness by building you a custom wiring harness tailored to your exact needs. I use only the highest quality materials, electronics (when applicable), and OEM-style connectors for a "plug 'n play" fit. I can build a custom wiring harness for any make and model motorcycle, such as Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati, and more. I also ship worldwide, so you don't have to be a local in order to get your harness.

Please  inquire about having me build a wiring harness by filling out the form below; Broken Sprocket Garage will get back to you regarding your custom motorcycle wiring harness within 3 business days.

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