Broken Sprocket Garage takes pride in offering SAME DAY SERVICE on your motorcycle or small engine equipmentby appointment. Some of our services are listed below; feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding services that Broken Sprocket Garage provides or to schedule an appointment.


NYS Motorcycle Inspection

No appointment necessary to get your bike inspected by a licensed New York State motorcycle inspector. No appointment needed to get a NYS Motorcycle Inspection.

Tire Mounting & Installation

Broken Sprocket Garage can install tires either on or off the bike and is a vendor of such brands as Dunlop,  Metzler, Avon, Michelin, Firestone, Coker, Continental, and Bridgestone. NOTE: WE WILL ONLY MOUNT TIRES PURCHASED THROUGH US!

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance on your motorcycle includes (but is not limited to): oil changes, brake adjustments and brake pad replacement, clutch adjustments and cable replacement, chain replacement, etc.



Power Equipment Repairs

Broken Sprocket Garage can also service and repair power equipment such as ATVs, lawn mowers, snow blowers, and other outdoor equipment.

Electrical Diagnostics

Broken Sprocket Garage takes the guess work out of electrical issues; Harley Davidson check engine lights diagnosed, repaired, and cleared.

Custom Wiring Harness

Custom wiring harnesses tailor made to your specifications for your chopper or custom motorcycle; go bare bones with as few wires as possible or add a crazy stereo and some sick lighting to your bagger.


Pickup and Delivery

Pickup and delivery of your motorcycle, lawn mower, ATV, or other equipment is available at an additional cost- please call Broken Sprocket Garage ahead of time to schedule this service.

Heated Motorcycle Storage

If you live in the Buffalo area and need a place to store your bike or lawn equipment for the Winter months, rent a heated storage space at Broken Sprocket Garage. Contact us for more info.

MIG/TIG Welding & Fabrication

Whether you're in need of a repair or something custom fabricated, Broken Sprocket Garage has you covered. MIG and TIG welding and fabrication services are offered in-house.


Carburetor Tuning

Carburetor not running up to par? We can diagnose and fix carburetor issues such as a dirty carb, incorrect jetting, and/or intake leak. We also offer synchronization services on motorcycles equipped with multiple carbs.

Performance Engine Builds

Performance engine build services include: cam replacement, top end rebuild (valve seats cut, new valves, pistons, rings, cylinder bore, etc.), bottom end rebuilds. Call for a performance consultation to match your horsepower needs within your budget.

Wheel Building & Truing

Wheels built and trued at Broken Sprocket Garage. We use only the best spokes, sourced from the one and only Buchanan's. Supply your own hubs or we can order one.